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Entertain Me 5

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[Feb. 5th, 2005|12:09 am]
Entertain Me 5
[mood |relaxedrelaxed]
[music |THE BLOOD BROTHERS CD! hottt shit]

On friday i kicked it at mike's....we got our checks nd cashed them, then we picked up some white castle cheeseburgers. they r smaller then fuck. if they didnt have onions on them i would really like them. but i'd have to say mike glembocki could pass as a decent drummer. but yeah i jammed out on guitar most of the night. woke up @ like fuckinnn ummm 9 i think and i started watching the goonies with mikes bro nd sister...the goonies own your ass. then i went home. i had to drive, and i did bad because she said i would of failed the road test like five times. it was my last time so im done with that shit. Then later today around 3:30 me, mike, sarah neu, sarah kroll, and ?Kailey? sarah neu's friend went to southridge nd i got a silverstein shirt and "crimes" blood brothers cd. tis fuckin brilliant. we got picked up at like 7 i went home for ten mins or so maybe 20 then sarah and sarah and kailey picked me up and we went to see neudek's younger sister and her band play....they were lol um alright? for their age. then we went back to neu's place nd watched goldmember nd talked nd w/e. oh and we went to culvers nd it was delicious. i missed gam gam she was already drunk and sleeping! fuck dude! i'll probably be grounded for my shit grades tomorrow. idk, if im not grounded me nd anthony r hangin out for sure because we must have a fucKING rap battle...


From: xbroken_hearts_
2005-02-06 02:06 am (UTC)
YEAH that cd is fucking amazing i love it gam gam was drunk? youve got one hardcore ass grandma yeah this is shaffer by the way. k bye.
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